Immunomonitoring & Cancer Immunology Research Group
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Internal Medicine I
University Medical Center Tübingen

Development of cancer usually occurs in later life through uncontrolled growth of mutated cells that are escaping immunosurveillance - a multi-facetted process of interactions between tissues and immune cells. Selective manipulation of some of these regulatory circuits led to the groundbreaking success of immune checkpoint blockade, first for the treatment of melanoma, and in the meantime for increasing numbers of other solid tumors. However, not all patients benefit from these therapies underlining the urgent need to better understand the mechanisms behind immune checkpoint blockade.

We are interested in the construction of models predicting the outcome of immune checkpoint blockade by combining immunomonitoring and clinical meta data in melanoma. Furthermore, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of the interplay between the immune system and the tumor through phenotypic and functional investigations of different peripheral and tumor-invasive T-cell subsets, as well as immune suppressors. 

As a member of the DFG FOR2799 “Receiving and translating signals via the gamma/delta T-cell receptor", a major focus of our research is the investigation of the role of gamma/delta T-cells in cancer rejection under immune checkpoint blockade. 

DFG Gepris - FOR2799

„Receiving and Translating Signals via the γδ T Cell Receptor“

FOR 2799

We are interested in the identification and functional investigation of shared T-cell signatures predicting the recognition of tumor-associated antigens (TAAs) before and under immune checkpoint blockade to translate this to novel therapeutic approaches.

The collaboration with the Berlin Aging Study-II aims at distinguishing immune parameters of aging from cancer-associated features, as the occurrence of solid cancer is usually limited to older individuals


The CIMT (Association for Cancer Immunotherapy) Immunoguiding Program (CIP) guides the development of innvovative cancer  immunotherapeutics through inter-laboratory harmonization and quality  control education.

Further Information


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Group Members

Andrea Gaißler

M.Sc. Tech. Biol. ; PhD student


Nicola Beucke

M.Sc. Biochem. ; PhD student


Jonas Bochem

M.Sc. Biol.


Janine Spreuer

B.Sc. Biol. ; BTA


Jakob Brandstetter