IRTG 2804

The IRTG 2804 (International Research Training Group 2804) is a collaborative effort between Tübingen (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden) that aims to enhance interdisciplinary research and education on the topic of women's mental health during the reproductive years. Women undergo hormonal transitions multiple times throughout their lives that can impact brain plasticity and their cognitive and emotional processes, ultimately influencing their mental health. During these transition phases such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause the risk of mental illness increases dramatically, particularly with regard to affective, anxiety and stress-related disorders. The aim is to better understand the associations between these hormonal transition phases and women's mental health.

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Research Training Group 2816 (GRK 2816)

The Research Training Group 2816 (GRK 2816) is an interdisciplinary research consortium with the scientific mission to identify non-canonical G protein-regulated signaling pathways that are clinically and socio-economically important for a number of common diseases such as diabetes mellitus, cancer and stroke, but also for rare diseases. In parallel, an international group of ambitious scientific and medical doctoral students will be guided to doctoral programs through a comprehensive pharmacological and biomedical qualification curriculum embedded in a thematically focused current research program. 

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