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Welcome to the research pages of the Faculty of Medicine Tübingen
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Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCF) provides investigators from the Medical Faculty, the University and external researchers with equipment and support for cell sorting (separation), acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometric data. All flow cytometry procedures require sample to be in the form of single cell suspension.

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCF) provides researchers with a wide variety of state-of-the-art multi-laser/multi-color flow cytometry sorters and analyzers. Cell sorting is performed by FCF staff on two BD FACS Aria cell sorters equipped with up to four-lasers (355 / 405nm 488, 561, 640, excitation wavelengths) and 14 fluorescence channel detection. All the cell sorters are able to perform high-speed (up to 20,000 events/sec), high-purity (up to 99.9%) sterile sorts into different types of devices (tubes, plates, or slides).

The FCF is equipped with three advanced benchtop analyzers (BD LSRII and BD LSR-Fortessa) equipped with up to five-lasers (488, 561, 640, 355, and 405 nm excitation wavelengths) and 16 fluorescence channels. After completion of appropriate equipment training researchers have full time access to and can operate the analyzers themselves.


The FCF staff offers

  • Cell sorting on BD FACS Aria
  • Maintenance of all FCF instruments
  • Consultation on data analysis
  • Consultation (Experiment Design; Pre-Sort; Pre-ImageStream; Pre-Hands-On)
  • Instrument Hands-On Training
  • Instrument Help (Set up or Troubleshooting)
  • Software training(Introduction or Troubleshooting)

The mission of Flow Cytometry Core Facility is to offer researchers efficient and reliable flow cytometric services with the highest standards of quality control and productivity.


Two locations to serve you

Our two facilities are located in the Dermatology (FCF-TAL) and in the Internal Medicine II (FCF-Berg). Both facilities can be used by researchers of the Medical Faculty, the University Tübingen and external researchers independently of their location.


Head of FCF-Berg

Dr. Stella Autenrieth

Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine II

Otfried-Müller-Straße 10

72076 Tübingen

Tel. 07071 29-82745




Cell sorting under biosafety level 2


More information about the FCF Berg


Head of FCF-Tal
Ghoreschi_ 90x90
PD Dr. Kamran Ghoreschi
Department of Dermatology

Molecular Immunology

Liebermeisterstr. 25

72076 Tübingen

07071 29-84571




Cell sorting under clean room conditions


More information about the FCF Tal




Last update: February 20, 2017


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Two locations
FCF Tal, "Valley" campus:
Dept. of Dermatology
Liebermeisterstr. 25
72076 Tübingen
Cornelia Grimmel
Tel. +49 7071/29-80844

FCF Berg, "Hill" campus:
Dept. of Internal Medicine II
Otfried-Müller-Str. 10
72076 Tübingen
Tel. +49 7071/29-82745

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