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Manufacturer support


Manufacturer Support
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MRI and MRS examinations in patients with implants are in some cases impossible or only feasible under specific conditions: In the vicinity of the MR unit and in the examination area mechanical forces or torques may occur to ferromagnetic material. Tissue heating must be considered due to coupling of electrically conductive material to the RF-field used for spin excitation. With respect to diagnostic imaging, artifacts caused by the implants and hampered visualization of surrounding tissue play a crucial role for post-surgery examinations. Optimization of MR-related features can be already considered during development. Approval by official authorities requires testing of devices in MR systems and according documentation of results.


To manufacturers of implants we offer evaluation of potential magnetic forces and torques to new products as well as testing of heating effects in accordance to official guidelines (ASTM standards). We further examine the depiction of the implants and surrounding tissue in MR images. Potential negative effects on image quality (artifacts) can be assessed in dependence on material and geometry for different static field strengths and for different types of imaging techniques.

Medical instruments

For medical instruments usable in the vicinity of clinical MR systems any perceptible magnetic forces must be excluded. Energetically driven tools may disturb MR imaging and have to be tested before being used in the MR cabin. For instruments used for MR guided minimally invasive procedures representation of the devices and surrounding tissue in the MR images and potential heating play a crucial role.


To manufacturers of medical instruments we offer determination of forces and torques on their products as well as testing of heating effects in areas close the devices (available field strengths: 1,5 T and 3,0 T). Testing of instruments for MR guided interventional techniques can be offered. Evaluation of image artifacts in dependence on material and geometry can be performed in a 1.5 T MR system especially designed for interventional procedures.

Further medical products

For applications in the vicinity of clinical MR systems performance and precision of medical products (eg, infusion pumps, ECG monitors, operating lights) must not be influenced. Possible interactions might occur between the medical products and the strong static magnetic field, by the fast switching gradient fields, or the RF-field transmission. On the other hand, any influence of the medical device on the performance of the MR scanner or on image quality has to be excluded.


To manufacturers of medical products we offer MR compatibility testing of devices. In case of emerging problems we advise developers regarding suitable strategies for product improvement.

More Informations

Flyer on MR Compatibility Testing (PDF-file)

Section head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Fritz Schick E-Mail: F. Schick
Mitarbeiter: Dr. Günter Steidle   E-Mail: G. Steidle



Last updated: 04/10/2018

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