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Welcome to the research pages of the Faculty of Medicine Tübingen
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German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research

In Tübingen, the development of promising new immunotherapies and therapeutics for cancer will be supported by functional imaging, pharmacogenomics and apoptosis research. The last step to actual clinical application will be made possible by developing and providing the necessary infrastructure for innovative clinical studies. One cornerstone in this effort is Tübingen's newly opened GMP Center, which allows the production of the necessary proteins, recombinant antibodies, and cell and tissue preparations under the GMP conditions stipulated by law. These medicinal products will be made available not only to hospitals and scientists in Tübingen, but to the other partners in the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research..


Speakers for the Tübingen Center


Professor Dr. rer. nat. Klaus Schulze-Osthoff
Biochemistry III
Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry
Hoppe-Seyler-Straße 4
72076 Tübingen



Professor Dr. rer. nat. Hans-Georg Rammensee
Director of the Department of Immunology
Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology
Auf der Morgenstelle 15
72076 Tübingen





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