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Nr.Beiträge in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften:
1 M. Mänz, J. Godau, D. Berg, B. Bender, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:
The regional distribution of T2-relaxation times in MR images of the substantia nigra and crus cerebri.
Neuroradiology 52 (2010), 745 - 750
2 A. Sturzu, H. Kalbacher, H. Echner, U.Klose, A. Gharabaghi, S. Heckl:
Imaging of human glioma cells by means of a Syndecan-4 directed DOTA-conjugate.
Amino Acids 38 (2010) 1415 - 1421
3 S. C. Mang, D. Logashenko, D. Gembris, G. Wittum, W. Grodd, U. Klose:
Diffusion Simulation Based Fiber Tracking using Time-of-Arrival Map.
MAGMA 23 (2010) 391 - 398
4 B. Bender, U. Klose:
Double inversion recovery at 3T: impact of incidental magnetic transfer effects on optimal inversion times.
Invest. Radiol. 45 (2010) 196 - 201.
5 G. Chadzynski, U. Klose:
CSI of the human brain without water suppression at 3T.
Mag. Reson. Imag. 28 (2010) 669 - 775
6 A. Boss, A. Kolb, M. Hoffmann, S. Bisdas, T. Nägele, U. Ernemann, L. Stegger, C. Rossi, C. Pfannenberg, C. D. Claussen,  B. Pichler, U. Klose:
Diffusion tensor imaging and tractography in a human PET/MR hybrid system.
Invest. Radiol. 45 (2010) 270 - 274
7 K. J. Schweitzer, P. Foroutan, D. W. Dickson, D. F. Broderick, U. Klose, D. Berg, Z. K. Wszolek, S. C. Grant:
A novel approach to dementia: High-resolution 1H MRI of the human hippocampus performed at 21.1 T.
Neurology 74 (2010) 1654
8 B. Bender, U. Klose:
The influence of white matte fiber orientation toward B0 on T2*.
NMR Biomed 23 (2010) 1071 - 1076
9 F. Roser, F. H. Ebner, G. Maier, M. S Tatagiba, T. Nägele, U. Klose:
Fractionated-anisotrophy- (FA-) levels derived from diffusion tensor imaging in cervical Syringomyelia.
Neurosurgery, 67 (2010) 901 - 905

A. M. Rapp, M. Erb, W. Grodd, M. Bartels, K. Markert:

Neural correlates of metonymy resolution.

Brain & Language 119 (2011) 196-205


L. Turella, F. Tubaldi, M. Erb, W. Grodd, U. Castiello:

Object Presence Modulates Activity within the Somatosensory Component of the Action Observation Network.

Cerebral Cortex published online


B. Brendel, M. Erb, A. Riecker, W. Grodd, H. Ackermann, W. Ziegler:

Do we have a "mental syllabary" in the brain? An FMRI study.

Motor Control 15(1) (2011) 34-51.


M. Bilalić, A. Kiesel, C. Pohl, M. Erb, W. Grodd:

It takes two-skilled recognition of objects engages lateral areas in both hemispheres.

PLoS ONE 6(1): e16202.


X. Hu, M. Erb, H. Ackermann, J. A. Martin, W. Grodd, S. M. Reiterer:

Voxel-based morphometry studies of personality: Issue of statistical model specification-effect of nuisance covariates.

Neuroimage 54 (2011) 1994 - 2005


B. Brendel, I. Hertrich, M. Erb, A. Lindner, A. Riecker, W. Grodd, H. Ackermann:

The contribution of mesiofrontal cortex to the preparation and execution ofrepetitive syllable productions: An fMRI study.

Neuroimage 50 (2011) 1219 - 1230


B. Atique, M. Erb, A. Gharabaghi, W. Grodd, S. Anders:

Task-specific activity and connectivity within the mentalizing network during emotion and intention mentalizing.

Neuroimage 55 (2011) 1899 - 1911


S. Weis, D. Leube, M. Erb, R. Heun, W. Grodd, T. Kircher:

Functional Neuroanatomy of Sustained Memory Encoding Performance in Healthy Aging and in Alzheimer's Disease.

Int J Neurosci 121 (2011) 384 - 392.

18 M. Bilalić, R. Langner, M. Erb, W. Grodd:
Mechanisms and neural basis of object and pattern recognition: a study with chess experts.
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 139 (2011) 728 - 742
19 A. Gröger, J. Godau, G. Chadzynski, D. Berg, U.Klose:
Three-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging in the substantia nigra of healthy controls and patients with Parkinson disease.
European Radiology 21 (2011) 1962 - 1969.

E. Kaza, U. Klose, M. Lotze:

Comparison of a 32-channel with a 12-channel head coil: are there relevant improvements for functional imaging?

J. Magn. Reson. Med., 34 (2011) 173 - 183


H.-H. Ehricke, K. Otto, U. Klose:

Regularization of bending and crossing white matter fibers in MRI Q-ball fields

Magn. Reson. Imaging 29 (2011) 916 - 926


M. Bilalić, R. Langner, R. Ulrich, W. Grodd:

Many faces of expertise: fusiform face area in chess experts and novices.

J. Neurosci 31 (2011) 10206 - 10214


G. Chadzynski, B. Bender, A. Gröger, M. Erb, U. Klose:

Tissue specific resonance frequencies of water and metabolites within the human brain.

J. Magn. Reson. 212 (2011) 55 - 63


S. C. Mang, A. Busza, S. Reiterer, W. Grodd, U. Klose:

Thalamus Segmentation Based on the Local Diffusion Direction: A Group Study.

Magn. Reson. Med., published online:   DOI: 10.1002/mrm.22996


B. Bender, C. Mänz, T. Nägele, U. Klose:

Identification of thalamus substructures with an optimized 3D MP-RAGE sequence at 3T.

AJNR, accepted


B. Ludescher, P. Martirosian, U. Klose, T. Nägele, F. Schick, U. Ernemann:

Determination of the rCBF in the amygdala and rhinal cortex using a FAIR-trueFISP Sequence.

Korean J Radiol. 12 (2011), 554 - 558


K. Brockmann, A. Gröger, A. Di Santo, I. Liepelt I, C. Schulte, U. Klose, W. Maetzler, A.-K. Hauser, R. Hilker, B. Gomez-Mancilla, D. Berg, T. Gasser:

Clinical and brain imaging characteristics in LRRK2 associated PD and asymptomatic mutation carriers.

Movement Disorders, published online


S. M. Reiterer, X. Hu, M. Erb, G. Rota, D. Nardo, W. Grodd, S. Winkler, H. Ackermann:

Individual differences in audio-vocal speech imitation aptitude in late bilinguals:functional neuro-imaging and brain morphology.

Frontiers in Psychology 2 (2011) , article 271.


K.M. Otto, H.-H. Ehricke, V. Kumar, U. Klose:

Angular smoothing and radial regularization of ODF fields: application on deterministic crossing fiber tractography.

Physica Medica: European Journal of Medical Physics, accepted


R. Zopf, U. Klose, H.-O. Karnath:

Evaluation of methods for detecting perfusion abnormalities after stroke in dysfunctional brain regions.

Brain Struct Funct 217 (2011) 667 - 675


A. Kusnyerik,U. Greppmaier,R. Wilke,F. Gekeler,B. Wilhelm,H.G.Sachs,K. U. Bartz-Schmidt,U. Klose,K. Stingl,M.D. Resch,A. Hekmat,A. Bruckmann,K. Karacs,J. Nemeth,I. Suveges,E. Zrenner:

Positioning of electronic subretinal implants in blind retinitis pigmentosa patients through multimodal assessment of retinal structures.

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 53(2012), 3748-3755.


A. Sturzu A, S. Sheikh S, U. Klose U,M. Deeg M,H. Echner H,T. Nägele T,U. Ernemann U,S. Heckl S:

Novel gastrin receptor-directed contrast agents - potential in brain tumor magnetic resonance imaging.

Med Chem. 8(2012), 133-137.


A. Sturzu, S. Sheikh, U. Klose, H. Echner, H. Kalbacher, M. Deeg, T. Nägele, M. Horger, U. Ernemann, S. Heckl:

Using the neurotransmitter serotonin to target imaging agents to glioblastoma cells.

Invest New Drugs 30(2012) 2141- 2147


S. Sheikh, A. Sturzu, U. Klose, H. Echner, M. Deeg, T. Nägele, M. Horger, C. Schwentner, U. Ernemann,W. Voelter, S. Heckl:

Evaluating the Diagnostic and Chemotherapeutic Potential of Vancomycin-Derived Imaging Conjugates

Med. chem. 8 (2012) 1163 - 1170


A. Sturzu,S. Sheikh, U. Klose,H. Echner,H. Kalbacher,M. Deeg,T. Nägele,M. Horger,C. Schwentner,U. Ernemann,S. Heckl:

Potential of the gastric motility drug lorglumide in prostate cancer imaging.

Eur J Pharm Sci 45(2012), 575-580


A. Sturzu, H. Echner,U. Klose, S. Sheikh S.,T. Nägele T, C. Schwentner, Christian, U. Ernemann,S. Heckl S:

A novel lily-of-the-valley fragrance contrast agent for magnetic resonance and fluorescence imaging of prostate cancer cells.

Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 13(2012), 373-377.


A. Korn, M. Fenchel, T.-K. Hauser, S. Bisdas, T. Nägele, U. Ernemann, U. Klose and B. Bender:

Double Bolus Application in TWIST-MR-Angiography of the Cervical Arteries

Radiology Research and Practice 2012; 2012:203538


G.L. Chadzynski, U. Klose:

Proton CSI without solvent suppression with strongly reduced field gradient related sideband artifacts

MAGMA 26 (2013), 183 – 192


M. Milian, L. Zeltner, S. Klamer, U Klose, S. Rona, and M. Erb

BOLD Signal in Memory Paradigms in Hippocampal Region Depends on Echo Time.

J. Magn. Reson. Imaging 37(2013) 1064 - 1071


A. Gröger, B.Bender, I. Wurster, G. L. Chadzynski, U. Klose, D. Berg, U. Klose:

Differentiation between idiopathic and atypical Parkinsonian syndromes using three-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 84(2013) 644-649


A. Sturzu, H. Kalbacher, U. Klose, T. Nägele, B. Amin, M. Deeg, M. Horger, U. Ernemann, S. Heckl S:

Ramoplanin Imaging Conjugates - Synthesis and Evaluation.

Med Chem. 10(2014) 18-26


S. Bisdas, T.S. Koh, C. Roder, C. Braun C, J. Schittenhelm, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:

Intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MR imaging of gliomas: feasibility of the method and initial results.

Neuroradiology 55(2013) 1189 - 1196.


S. Klamer, L. Zeltner, M. Erb, U. Klose, K. Wagner, L. Frings, G. Groen, C. Veil, S. Rona , H. Lerche, M. Milian:

Nonlinear correlations impair quantification of episodic memory by mesial temporal BOLD activity.

Neuropsychology. 27 (2013) 402 - 416


A. Sturzu, U. Klose, S. Sheikh, H. Echner, H. Kalbacher, M. Deeg, T. Nägele, C. Schwentner, U. Ernemann, S. Heckl:

The gastrin/cholecystokinin-B receptor on prostate cells - A novel target for bifunctional prostate cancer imaging

Eur J Pharm Sci. 52(2014) 69 – 76.


U. Klose, M. Batra, T. Nägele:

Age-dependent changes in the global histogram of apparent diffusion coefficients values in magnetic resonance brain examinations.

Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 5 (2013) article 78, 1-6


A. Gröger, R. Kolb, R. Schäfer, U. Klose:

Dopamine reduction in the substantia nigra of Parkinson’s disease patients confirmed by in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging.

PloS ONE 9 (2014) e84081

47 S. Bisdas, C. Braun, M. Skardelly, J. Schittenhelm, T.H. Teo, C.H. Thng, U. Klose, T.S. Koh:
Correlative assessment of tumor microcirculation using contrast-enhanced perfusion MRI and intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted MRI: is there a link between them?
NMR Biomed 27 (2014) 1184 - 1191.

S. M. Höller, K. M. Otto, U. Klose, S. Gröschel, H.-H. Ehricke:

Fiber visualization with LIC maps using multi-directional anisotropic glyph samples.

International Journal of Biomedical Imaging Volume, 2014, Article ID 401819.


G. L. Chadzynski, R. Pohmann, G. Shajan, R. Kolb, S. Bisdas, U. Klose, K. Scheffler:

In-vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging of the healthy human brain at 9.4 T- initial experience.

MAGMA 28 (2014) 239 - 249


B. Bender, U. Klose, T. Lindig, S. Biskup, T. Nägele, L. Schöls, K. Karle:

Imaging features in conventional MRI,spectroscopy and diffusion weighted images of hereditary diffuse leukoenceohalopathy with axonal spheroids (HDLS).

Journal of Neurology 261 (2014) 2351 – 2359


A. Seeger, U. Klose, F. Bischof, J. Strobel, U. Ernemann, T.-K. Hauser, T-K:

Zoomed EPI DWI of Acute Spinal Ischemia Using a Parallel Transmission System.

Clin Neuroradiol. (2014) published online, Aug 29 2014.


A. Seeger, T.-K. Hauser, U. Kramer, U. Klose, U. Ernemann:

Acute Stroke Imaging: Feasibility and value of MR-angiography with high spatial and temporal resolution for vessel assessment and perfusion analysis in patients with wake-up stroke.

Academic Radiology 14(2015) S1076-6332(14)00459-460.


S. Bisdas, U. Klose:

IVIM analysis of brain tumours: An investigation of the relaxation effects of CSF, blood and tumour tissue on the estimated perfusion fraction.

MAGMA 28 (2015) 377 - 383


H. Küpper, S. Gröschel, M. Alber, U. Klose, M. U. Schuhmann, M. Wilke:

Comparison of different tractography algorithms and validation by intraoperative stimulation in a child with a brain tumour.

Neuropediatrics 46 (2015) 72-75


M. Milian, L. Zeltner, M. Erb, U.Klose, K. Wagner, L. Frings, C. Veil, S. Rona, H. Lerche, S. Klamer:

Incipient preoperative reorganization processes of verbal memory functions in patients with left temporal lobe epilepsy.

Epilepsy Behav. 42 (2015) 78-85.


T. Lindig, B. Bender, T.-K. Hauser, S. Mang, D. Schweikardt, U. Klose, K. Karle, R. Schüle, L. Schöls, T. W.Rattay:

Gray and White Matter Alterations in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia Type SPG4 and Clinical Correlations.

Neurology 262 (2015) 1961 - 1971


A: Seeger, M. Schulze, F. Schuettauf, U. Klose, U. Ernemann, T.K.Hausser

Feasibility and evaluation of dual-source transmit 3D imaging of the orbits:Comparison to high-resolution conventional MRI at 3T.

European Journal of Radiology 84 (2015) 1150-1158


S. M. Höller, H.-H. Ehricke, M. Synofzig, U. Klose, S. Groeschel:

Clinical application of fiber visualization of LIC maps using multidirectional anisotropic glyph samples (A-Glyph LIC).

Clin. Neuroradiology 2015, published online, 27.11.2015


U. Klose, M. Batra, T. Nägele::

Parameterization of the Age-Dependent Whole Brain Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Histogram.

BioMed Research International (2015), Article ID 373716


J. Tran.Gia, S. Bisdas, H. Köstler, U. Klose:

A model-based reconstruction technique for fast dynamic T1 mapping.

Magn. Reson Med.34 (2016) 298 - 307


B. Bender, S. Wagner,U. Klose:

Optimized depiction of thalamic substructures with a combination of T1-MPRAGE and phase: MPRAGE*:

Neuroradiol., published online Apr 27 2016.


M. Schulze, Maximilian, A.Seeger, K. Reimann, U. Klose, U. Ernemann, T.-K- Hauser:

Parallel-transmit-accelerated 2D Selective RF Excitation MR of the Temporal Bone:

Enhanced Resolution of Labyrinthine and IAC Structures.

Otol Neurotol. 37(2016), 408 – 14


C. Roder M. Breitkopf, K. Decker, U. Ernemann, U. Klose, M. Tatagiba, S. Bisdas:

Resting-state functional MRI in an intraoperative MRI setting: proof of

feasibility and correlation to clinical outcome of patients.

J Neurosurg. 125 (2016), 401 - 409


S. Bisdas E. Charyasz-Leks, C. Roder, M. Tatagiba, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:

Evidence of Resting-state Activity in Propofol-anesthetized Patients with Intracranial Tumors.

Acad. Radiol. 23 (2016) 192 - 199


V. Fleischer, R. Kolb, S. Groppa, F. Zipp, U. Klose, A. Gröger:

Metabolic Patterns in Chronic Multiple Sclerosis Lesions and Normal-appearing white Matter: Intraindividual Comparison by Using 2D MR Spectroscopic Imaging.

Radiology 281 (2016) 536 - 543


J.-M. Hempel, S. Bisdas, J. Schittenhelm, C. Brendle, B. Bender, H. Wassmann, M. Skardelly, G. Tabatabai, S. C. Vega, Salvador Castaneda, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:

In vivo molecular profiling of human glioma using diffusion kurtosis imaging.

J Neurooncol 131(2017) 93 - 101


S. Groeschel, G. E Hagberg; T. Schultz; D. Z Balla; U. Klose; T.-K. Hauser; T. Nägele; O. Bieri; T. Prasloski; A. L MacKay; I. Krägeloh-Mann; K. Scheffler:

Assessing white matter microstructure in brain regions with different myelin architecture using MRI.

PLoS ONE 11(2016) e0167274


M. Schulze, K. Reimann, A. Seeger, U. Klose, U. Ernemann, T.-K- Hauser:

Improvement in imaging common temporal bone pathologies at 3 T MRI: smallstructures benefit

from a small field of view.

Clin Radiol 72 (2017) 267.e1 – 267.e12


E. Bültmann, T. Nägele, H. Lanfermann, U. Klose:

Changes of brain metabolite concentrations during maturation in different brain regions measured by chemical shift imaging.

Neuroradiology. 59(2017) 31-41.


C. Brendle, J.-M.Hempel, J. Schittenhelm, M. Skardelly, B. Bender, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:

Glioma grading and determination of IDH mutation status and ATRX loss by DCE perfusion and ASL perfusion.

Clinical Neuroradiology, published online 2017.05.09


T. Lindig, Tobias, R. Kotikalapudi, D. Schweikardt, P.Martin, F. Bender, U. Klose, N. Focke, B. Bender:

Evaluation of multimodal segmentation based on 3D T1-, T2- and FLAIR-weighted images - the difficulty of choosing.

NeuroImage (2017), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2017.02.016


M. Drobnitzky, U. Klose:

Closed-form expressions for flip angle variation that maximize total signal in T1-weighted rapid gradient echo MRI.

Med Phys. 44(2017):873-885.


J-.M. Hempel, J. Schittenhelm,C. Brendle, B. Bender, G. Bier M. Skardelly, G. Tabatabai, S.C.Vega, U. Ernemann, U. Klose:

Effect of Perfusion on Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging Estimates for In Vivo Assessment of Integrated 2016 WHO Glioma Grades : A Cross-Sectional Observational.

Clin Neuroradiol, published online 12.7.2017



Nr.Buchbeiträge / veröffentlichte Kurzfasssungen:

M. Erb:

Neuroimaging experiments on meditation.

in: Thong Triet (Hrsg.:) Zen in the light of Science, Sunyata Medition Association, Perris, CA, USA, 2010


B. Bender, C. Mänz, T. Nägele, U. Klose:

Optimized 3D MPRAGE: Depiction of thalamic substructures at 3T.

Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 19 (2011) 2389


B. Bender, L. Zeltner, F. Bischof, U. Klose:

Neuromyelitis Optica: Are cortical lesions a common finding?

Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 19 (2011) 2178


A. Gröger, K. Srulijes, M. Nechyporenko, E. Dietzel, C. Mänz, U. Klose, W. Mätzler, and D. Berg:

Distinct pattern of atrophy in the different phenotypes of progressive supranuclear palsy in magnetic resonance imaging.

Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med. 19 (2011) 2213


M. Ryn, E. Charyasz, M. Erb, U. Klose:

An fMRI Investigation of Auditory Pathway Using Different Paradigms and Analysis Procedures.

in: K. Dremstrup, S. Rees, and M. Ø. Jensen (Hrsg.): 15th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, IFMBE Proceedings Vol. 34, Springer 2011, S. 57 - 60


B. Piotrowska, H.-O. Karnath, U. Klose:

The stability of relative cerebral blood flow (CBF) in the white and gray matter with multi-slice arterial spin labeling measurements.

Abstract Book of the XXVth International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow, Metabolism and Function and the Xth International Conference on Quantification of Brain Function with PET, Barcelona, Spain, May 24 - 28, 2011


G. Chadzynski, A. Gröger, U.Klose:

Region specific frequency differences between water and metabolite resonances within the human brain.

U. Klose (Hrsg.): Proceedings of data acquisition and evaluation methods in proton spectroscopy. Aachen 2010, S. 5 - 15


A. Gröger, U.Klose:

Three-dimensional magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging in the region of the substantia nigra.

U. Klose (Hrsg.): Proceedings of data acquisition and evaluation methods in proton spectroscopy. Aachen 2010, S. 45 - 55


U. Klose, M. Batra, B. Bender, M. Erb, B. Brendel:

Auswertung klinischer fMRI-Messungen mittels Korrelation mit regionspezifischen Antwortfunktionen.

in: H. Bergmann(Hrsg.): Medizinische Physik 2011, Wien 2011, akzeptiert


A. Gröger, R. Schäfer, R. Kolb, D. Berg, U. Klose:

Optimierung der Auswertung von MR-Spektren aus dem Hirnstamm.

in: H. Bergmann(Hrsg.): Medizinische Physik 2011, Wien 2011, akzeptiert


G. Chadzynski, A. Gröger, U. Klose:

Evaluation of gradient induced sidebands for the purposes of proton CSI without water suppression.

MAGMA, Suppl. (Abstracts ESMRMB 2011), akzeptiert

S. Weber, M. Erb, U. Klose, B. Brendel:

Reliability and sequence effects on activation patterns of fMRI measurements during a speech motor task.

MAGMA, Suppl. (Abstracts ESMRMB 2011), akzeptiert


L. Zeltner, M. Erb, M. Milian, S. Rona, U. Klose

BOLD signal in memory paradigms in hippocampal region depends on echo time.

MAGMA, Suppl. (Abstracts ESMRMB 2011), akzeptiert


U. Klose, M. Batra, B. Bender, M. Erb, B. Brendel:

Evaluation of clinical fMRI measurements considering individual influences on the response function.

MAGMA, Suppl. (Abstracts ESMRMB 2011), akzeptiert


M. Bock, U. Klose, H. Köstler, T. Hackländer, W. Nitz, H. Kooijman, N. Bischof, M. Peller:

What's in a name: A new classification scheme for pulse sequences.

MAGMA, Suppl. (Abstracts ESMRMB 2011), akzeptiert




U. Klose (Hrsg.):

Proceedings of data acquisition and evaluation methods in proton spectroscopy 2010

Shaker-Verlag, Aachen 2011, ISBN 978-3-8440-0095-5.



Weitere Publikationen, die in der bis März 2010 bestehenden Sektion für Experimentelle Kernspintomographie des zentralen Nervensystems entstanden sind:

Weitere Publikationen

A. M. Rapp, M. Erb, W. Grodd, M. Bartels, K. Markert:
Neural correlates of metonymy resolution
Brain & Language 119 (2011) 196-205


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