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Caring for the newborn and their parents

Neonatologists are involved already in prenatal diagnosis in cooperation with the University Obstetric Hospital. They care for all newborn babies and advise their parents in all questions concerning development and prevention. If necessary, outpatient care after discharge if provided.

Intensive care medicine for newborn and preterm born babies

Intensive care for newborn and premature infants with state of the art technology and highly qualified staff. Diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound, radiography, EEG, and echocardiogram, if necessary, are carried out bedside. Parents are in­ volved and trained in their babies' care.

Respiratory disorders

Diagnosis and treatment for sleep-related respiratory disorders in modern sleep laboratories. Two laboratories are especially equipped for newborns, children and adults. In cooperation with the Department of Orthodontics and Otorhino­ laryngology we can offer the whole range of treatments.


Severe malformations such as the Pierre Robin Sequence are treated with the innovative therapy concept “Tübinger Atmungsgaumenplatte” (Tübinger palate plate). This plate closes the open palate, induces growth of the mandible and especially facilitates breathing. Cooperation partners are the Department of Orthodontics and the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
Information for parents Pierre Robin Sequence (PDF)

Additional clinical areas and fields of research