Bioinformatics and AI

The implementation of novel technologies like next-generation sequencing, untargeted metabolomics as well as spatial omics with single-cell resolution (e.g. spatial metabolomics, spatial transcriptomics) in cancer and microbiome research generates an incredible high amount and complexity of datasets. In order to extract disease-relevant signals from these high-dimensional datasets, the utilization of bioinformatics tools is crucial. At The M3 Research Center, we not only employ established bioinformatics tools but also develop novel approaches, including machine learning, to predict and explore new therapeutic options. For this reason, several laboratories dedicated to bioinformatics are housed at The M3 Research Center linking the “wet” laboratory with bioinformatic expertise.

Research groups

Rare cell populations

Prof. Dr. Manfred Claassen

Head of the research group

Our research aims at identification and molecular characterization of such subpopulations in the complex tissue context across health and disease states. More about the group

Data science methods for biomedical research


Prof. Dr. Sven Nahnsen

Head of the research group

Through interfaces between heterogeneous data repositories, it is our goal to build Big (FAIR) Data ecosystems. More about the group