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Lengerke Lab

The Lengerke lab studies therapy resistance and intratumor heterogeneity, with specific focus on stemness and the interactions between cellular subpopulations with immune cells and the microenvironment. The group combines molecular analyses with functional investigations in mouse, zebrafish and PDX models and aims to transfer research insights to clinical trials in patients. The long-term goal is to improve cure in patients with malignancies by developing innovative therapies to target cancer-initiating cells in non-active disease phases.

Schneidawind Lab

We investigate key pathways of leukemogenesis with our CRSIPR/Cas9 platform to discover new therapeutic targets. We develop novel cytotherapeutic strategies based on CAR-iNKT cells to prevent graft-versus-host disease and to promote graft-versus-leukemia effects after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

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Skokowa Lab

The research in the group focuses on the cellular and molecular aspects operating during the development, differentiation and malignant transformation of hematopoietic stem cells. Using multidisciplinary approaches, we try to better define central laws involved in blood cell function under normal and pathological conditions. Our ultimate goal is the establishment of novel tools for diagnosis and treatment of patients with inherited bone marrow syndromes and malignant blood disease.

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Haraszti Lab

We develop RNA therapeutics for hematological disorders. We have a particular emphasis on GvHD and potentiating cell therapeutics, such as DLI or CAR-T cells. We use state-of-the-art chemically modified siRNAs, artificial miRNAs and antimiRs.

Stanger Lab

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